Mapping Content

The KCLS Library Locations sample is a Google Maps JavaScript API V3 mashup that provides library info for KCLS libraries. If geolocation services are available, the My Location button allows you to center the map on the reported position. The sample also shows how to retrieve the library event RSS feeds (via a jQuery wrapper) and display them in a popup window.

Silverlight Content

The Bridge of Glass sample uses Silverlight Deep Zoom technology to provide smooth zooming and panning of large images. The images are ceiling panels from the Chihuly Bridge of Glass in Tacoma.

The PivotViewer Collection of Photos sample uses the Silverlight PivotViewer Control to allow you to explore a collection of visual data. In this case, the PivotViewer collection is a set of photos taken by the Farm Security Admininstration during 1935-1944.

XSLT Samples

The Seattle Times RSS Feed sample uses an XSLT to transform an RSS feed. The NOAA XML Feed sample uses an XSLT to transform an XML feed.