Redmond Library Blog

The Redmond Library Blog was created as a community outreach effort by the Redmond Library Board, which I am a member of. The blog postings cover a range of topical areas, including Redmond Library and KCLS events, info relevant to Redmond and King County residents, as well as general interest pieces. I've contributed 150+ postings since starting the blog in June 2008.  Here are some representative postings:
The Long and Windy Road: A Visit to the Wild Horse Wind Farm
The Columbia Branch Library: Small is Beautiful
The Colorful Past of Old Russia: Prokudin-Gorskii's Photo Collection Reconstructed
Microsoft Commons: It’s a Mall World After All

Silverlight SDK Blog

As a member of the Silverlight (aka WPF/E) 1.0 SDK writing team, I started the Silverlight SDK Blog in April 2007. The blog was created to help generate interest and excitement about this new Web technology by showing visually rich content that is supplemented with many sample code snippets. Here are some of my postings:
Animation Using Keyframes and Splines
Using Opacity with a Silverlight / Virtual Earth Mashup (Remix)
WPF/E Drag and Drop: Coco's Dress Up Kit


As a member of the original Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) SDK writing team, I started the WPF SDK Blog in May 2006. The blog, which was renamed to the WPF User Education Blog, was created to help supplement our team's MSDN Library content. Here are some of my postings:
Animating Traffic Map Image Data
Using Speech Synthesis in a WPF Application
Using Text as a Decorative Element: the Outline Text Custom Control